Breather Planner

In 2018 and 2019, Myriam and I made small batches of the Breather Planner, a monthly planner that focused on showing the full month, with space for notes to the right, extra blank pages in the back and no fluff. We mainly sold to friends and family, and Myriam used one herself.

We’ve decided we won’t make another one again this year. Based on last year’s sales, we don’t think we’ll have enough orders to make it work out. We also have to change to a new paper supplier, and to break even we’d need a bigger order.

Thanks for dropping by.

Pascal Laliberté (

For a peek at how the original 2018 edition looked, here are some images👇

An example month from the Breather Planner The 2018 edition's front cover The 2019 edition Close up of the pages of the 2019 edition