Way More Monthly Than Your Phone

Switch to a monthly view: for an aspect of your life, or for all of it.

Breather Planner: A monthly view with space for notes.
Now available in both English and French

Zoom out to see the month

It'll fit your stuff. It's big like an 8.5"x11" when opened, so you can see the full month.

Think Write outside the box. There's plenty of space to the right for todos, for notes, for that anytime-that-week reminder (or try sticky notes, they fit!).

An extra month for the long shot. January to January means you have an extra month to plan.

Some colour so your writing pops out

That purple will give you just enough contrast against the black of your pencil.

You'll like the paper. It's a little textured, and you'll find the thickness to be just right. Your writing won't show through to the other side, plus the planner lays flat on the table.

Extra Blank Pages for Notes

For gift ideas, for doodles and for that broader before-the-end-of-the-year list.

13 blank half-spreads, to last you a whole year.

Instead of…

  • Typing Into Your Phone

    Sometimes it's quicker to write it down, right?

    Away from your planner? This is a trick we use: "Hey Siri, remind me tonight about Sarah coming for supper"

  • Picking Precise Times

    If it matters, you won't miss it. These are all precise enough:

    Mom's in town (draw a line across some boxes).
    Change the Bed Sheets on this date.
    6:30 Musical Theatre Practice.

  • Filling Every Minute

    There's a free spot in your calendar? Don't fill it.

    A monthly view takes you away from the daily chase. Plus, you'll feel it when your calendar gets full.

The story

Eight years ago, my wife was looking for a monthly planner for the year to come. It had to show the whole month, with extra space for notes, and what was on the market had a bunch of extra fluff like week numbers, the wrong holidays, extra lines. "I'll make you one". Every year since, I used a plain notebook as the starting point, and drew the calendars by hand.

Last year, we've printed our own, choosing the paper, preparing the design, having it printed and stapled. We like how it came out, got some pre-orders, and printed a few extra for sale. This year, we've got a first batch for sale for our second edition.

You'll find it's just right if you too want to see the full month, with plenty of space to write notes and nothing to get in the way.

We think you'll want to fill this one up with your life's special events (Happy Birthday Julie), those crucial heads-ups (Renew License Plates), and those memorable visits (Thom's in town). We hope you like it.



Lynn writes:

I use it for my business, for planning my social media posts. When I work, I have two planners in front of me, a weekly planner where I write my daily to-dos, and the Breather Planner, where I can see special days and an overall view of the month. I also like writing the goal for the month at the top. I like working with sticky notes also, and so I like the empty space on the right because it's a good place to put them.

Jim writes:

I use the Breather Planner for all of the usual reasons, and I am not necessarily systematic about the way that I do that. But, I like the minimalism of it: I have too many digital apps and devices. Sometimes, it's nice just to breathe.

However, one thing I use it for is distinctive: I use it to maintain my friendships. A Harvard study of men, undertaken over 80 years, shows that close relationships, more than wealth or genes, determine longevity, health and happiness.

Keeping up friendships requires diligence - stay in touch, get together, call or email, remember birthdays. I use reminders to contact each friend over the course of a month, a different group every Monday. I try to see each friend who has time to get together every month, and to have a group get together of people I used to work with.